Friday, February 22, 2013

The most fun

Of the occasions in life for being happy, playing at the beach perhaps tops the list when you're young.

In the distance, tiny silhouettes... the kids have the beach pretty much to themselves today.  Big sister and grandma are watching from the shore, in case you were wondering. 

In an as yet undiscovered country, smaller than most actually, the beaches are rarely crowded and then, not with tourists.  

Local folks enjoy the beauty and moderate weather of the equatorial climate.  Sao Tome & Principe is a tiny island country in the Gulf of Guinea on the western side of Africa.

It used to be a Portuguese colony, but has been independent since the seventies.  Among the world's nicest folks.  No significant violence or crime, no really dangerous animals, and no reason to rush.
Click on the pictures; they're hi-rez.
It's a rare blessing to visit such a place.   

It's Friday afternoon, and all things considered, I'd rather be in Africa.

(just some photos from a recent trip; reminders in this cold February of what it's like to be warm)