Monday, April 30, 2012

Listening is hard work!

Spotting me as a foreigner, they stop and chat for awhile.
In Africa again for work, and a late afternoon provides a chance to pick up some local friends and go to the beach.  Teenage boys introduce themselves and pose for the old guy's camera.

Note the impressive abs.  His friend quips in jest, "He's malnourished!"  It gives you an idea of the issues around here.  Nice guys, by the way.

Language difficulties aside, it takes hours and days and years to understand someone else's world whether it is Africa or Arkansas.

I didn't think it would be so difficult.  I'm well educated, well read, well traveled, but still far from understanding what it means to be Kenyan or Nigerian or Djiboutian.  Every encounter broadens our view if we're attentive.  Listening is really hard work!
Kids drag me to the water to play.

On the bright side, there is such a wide world open to us who are fortunate enough to travel.  Families with simple lives are often open to new friends and willing to include us.  What could be greater than having friends, real friends, outside the little world you know and find comfortable.

Have you thought of jumping out into the real world?

Wish I'd started earlier.  :)