Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Want a better use for your money?

Bishop Samuel, a dear friend to us all, shared this picture from rural Kenya.  Out on the edge of the economy, survival is a daily task and not an easy one.

Samuel tells us, "We started the church under a tree. I helped build this shelter of mud and sticks. Am sowing to built a permanent blocks building very soon." 

When I asked if we could contribute to their building fund, he replied, "Thanks Brian my friend. This area is very remote, the church offering each month is $3; the pastor helps to teach children under this shelter. She gets $20 from the small fees she charges. She told me she borrowed money to buy 2000 blocks. That touched me. I pledged to help. Any help available will really help them."

Welcome to the real world where folks live on $2/day or less. Samuel has established a couple of dozen churches, all in places where they're needed.  They provide a community center where folks can work together and help each other, where children can be taught, and where lives can be changed.  All practical, all real world useful.

Interested in helping a bit?  Drop me a note (contact the author - in the sidebar) and I'll provide a church through whom you can contribute and get your charitable contribution tax deduction.  

Or if you want to go see for yourself, I'll introduce you.  Chance of a lifetime.