Saturday, March 30, 2013

... through each other's eyes ...

Few things are harder to grasp than a world in which we've never lived.
One look can change your mind forever, disassembling a lifetime of narrow thinking.  It's available for the price of a few days on the road.

You'll see and learn more than years in the finest university could provide.  Come see for yourself!

The faces in the photos are that of a young lady and her siblings whom we met in Africa. They laughingly waved me down and asked for money. It was more recreational than real begging. 

The kids took me home to meet mom and dad; nice folks, tough minded and practical. They raise goats and a few camels, generating a small income to support a family of nine.

They've welcomed me each time I was there and made a place for me in their social circle. We laughed a lot and parted tenderly at the end of my cycle of travels to their country.  I so hope to see them again.
 "Could a greater miracle take place
       than for us to look through each other's eyes
            for an instant?"  ~Thoreau