Wednesday, April 16, 2014


We all love the chance to do or see or experience something exciting and new.  So the fellow here in the blue shirt is like that.  His name is Samuel, and he's an African bishop, the father of 20+ churches scattered across southern Kenya and into Burundi.  His great pleasure in it all is introducing folks to real life, real community, and real faith.

I got to spend some time with him in Kenya.  He's an extraordinarily practical fellow; not a lot of tolerance for religiosity.  He encourages folks to live the larger life of caring for one another and making a way forward together.

A community kitchen cooking cornmeal for school kids,
part of an assistance project Samuel and friends manage.
From Samuel recently, " The Sunday service was great especial when you practice what you preach. Two young girls 10 & 13 years old walked for over an hour to reach us.  After the service they came jp front for prayers. They begun weeping crying. I cooled them and asked what was the problem. They said their father was killed. The mother divorced when they were little babies; got married to another man. They stayed with their father's family but because of poverty these girls were chased away. They tried to go to their mother; they found out the mother mind went berserk and mad.  The family rejected and refused to accept them. Coming to our church was their last solution. The tears and the story were touching. We gave; we sowed the seeds of love and kindness. We trust we will be able to locate an orphanage to take them this week."
Bishop Samuel and friends delivering water
during a recent drought.
Then, "I am glad that God our father makes a way where there is no way. The two girls will be taken by Barnabas Children Centre, Utange."

Samuel tells us later, "They say they were denied food, mistreated, and forced to drop from school Am glad we are there to help."

So here's an opportunity to help, to make a difference that will last a lifetime.  If you want to help Samuel in his work or perhaps provide support for the two girls, drop me a note. 

You can go see for yourself, too.