Friday, April 25, 2014

Cheek Pinch

Note the 'cheek pinch' in the front row.  Delightful kids.
Kids and sticks.  It's grasshopper season in southern Kenya.  These kids are out hunting grasshoppers which are a seasonal delicacy, I'm told.  Fried or boiled, they're ready in minutes. My wife says they're pretty good in a sauce over rice.  I'll take her word for it.

Working in eastern and western Africa, I've been offered a variety of things to eat; most were pretty good. One family adopted me. At a weekend family meal, I offered to bring things and make the salad.  As I stood at the table slicing tomatoes, the women watched wide-eyed like they were afraid I'd cut off my fingers or something.  I later found out that men NEVER do food preparation.  When I asked the men if they liked to cook, they were speechless.  Live and learn.

Our friend, an African bishop, met the kids in the picture while visiting a village we know.  It's located in the coastal plains outside Mombasa.  Nice folks in a harsh place.  The last couple of decades have brought persistent drought, so crops, forests, and flocks have suffered.  A difficult life. For now, Bishop Samuel is working on small assistance projects for the neediest.  He hopes to build a little church/community center there to begin the work of community development.  If you'd like to join in, drop me a note.  Or better yet, if you'd like to see for yourself, we'll provide introductions!