Wednesday, November 24, 2010

African Community Radio

Ever wonder if the UN was doing its job? 
For all the fussing about UN politics, there are several UN agencies that serve communities effectively.  For example...

International Alert and partners, UNICEF and UNDP, established the first community radios in Sao Tome and Principe.  I was there while this was going on.  Located in two of the country’s most deprived and isolated regions, and introduced at a time when the country is entering a new and challenging phase as a potential oil producer, the purpose of the radio stations is to empower, inform and give a voice to local communities, and enhance their participation in democratic processes. 

I've visited one of these communities. The teens who 'kidnapped' me a couple of years ago took me to Angolares.  The restaurant where we ate is in the video. 

This video is an encouraging word (along with some engaging video scenes) from Sao Tome.  Practical progress is such a satisfying end to hard work.  My compliments to the partners.

The video is from Help Images on Vimeo.  Interesting folks.