Thursday, February 24, 2011

I hope we're all paying attention; these are the days on which the century turns.

Wedeman reports from an undisclosed locatan in Eastern Libya
Ten days is it now that Libya has been in meltdown? 

Diplomats resign and air force officers defect as Gaddaffi government resorts to shooting and bombing to crush uprising. 

This morning, CNN arrives in Banghazi to overwhelming welcome by ecstatic crowds of thousands! (The commentator likens his welcome to that which the U.S. troops received when they arrived in Paris at the end of WWII.)

"When they saw us arrive, they just exploded with cheers and clapping, people saying 'thank you, thank you' in English."
--Ben Wedeman, CNN senior international correspondent

Despite concerns for the impact on world-wide economic and political issues, I find myself thrilled (actually sparkling on the inside) at the prospect of freedom and deliverance for so many millions in the area!  :)

Egypt's death toll now reported as more than 500.  Libya's dead in the hundreds.  Tunisia, Bahrain, Yemen, and more to come?  Must we die to have justice and freedom for our children?

26 Feb: CNN reports Libya's death toll tops 1000; Gadafi predicts escalation in his violent response to protest.  Frightening potential.