Friday, August 8, 2014

Precious friends

Arriving at their house; the kids met me and ran off with my cameras before I could even finish saying hello.
I didn't understand the world when I arrived in Africa for the first time.  This rather large family took me in and taught me more than any schooling I'd had.  Nice folks, typical for their culture; hospitable and accessible.  We could learn a lot from folks like these.
We have a new baby boy since last
 time you were here!

That, and it's less than a mile to the palm-lined beach, and it's 85 degrees and sunny pretty much year 'round.

Walter's girl, grown 
so much.
New family additions come for photos.  I'll deliver prints next time I'm in country.

Survival is the primary concern here in Sao Tome & Principe.  Income per household is perhaps around $60 or so per month, so everybody works all day, every day.  And they share common tasks like childcare, cooking, and water carrying.

Join us in helping folks along if you like.  We work through a local NGO, STeP UP Sao Tome.  Family assistance, education sponsorship, small business and small project finance.  You're welcome to join the family, and if you'd like to visit, we'll introduce you around.