Friday, September 19, 2014

The New School Year

In western Africa, our scholarship project is underway for the fall semester.  Staying in school is hard for many.  Parents have to choose between food and school, sometimes.

Supplies accumulate at STeP UP in
preparation for the project startup.
STeP UP is the NGO on site; they identify the ones who need a hand, then provides school fees, uniforms and shoes, and some assistance for the family.

Education is a key part of the way forward for these folks.  
Join in; it's tax deductible.  Around $60 does it for one child, and it's a big deal.  Email or IM me for the details.

Delivering family photos from
 the preceding year.
Friends from Pantufo, the 'rowdy neighborhood'; it's a 
fishing village right on the beach on the northeast coast,
maybe 5 minutes from my work site. It's among my 
favorite places in the world.
Latest photos of growing kids ...

Grandma and her kids cutting up for
the camera.  Again.
And if you'd like to visit the country and meet some of the world's nicest folks, we'll introduce you around.  For a $60 donation, we'll tell you all about it!  :)