Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to where I left my heart...

Given a hurry-up task in Sao Tome, we threw together a plan and coordinated with the folks we hope to serve there.  A bit of a scramble; visas stalled in the embassy while the ambassador was out of the US for two weeks; had to drive to DC to pick up our passports with the visas finally approved on the day before our flights.

In spite of the flail, we're glad for the chance to go.  We work with fine folks on important capabilities that help their country in practical ways.  Fisheries enforcement is on the top of the list in my estimation; the little country is being robbed of millions by international companies who fish illegally in African waters.  The declining fish populations make it hard for local fishermen to feed their communities.

Arrived at the airport already tired; now just 36 hours of airplanes and airports to go. Dulles, London, Lisbon, then Sao Tome.

We expect to land in Africa the morning of 20 Aug.