Monday, May 2, 2011

201105 Africa again, soon

With a couple of weeks at home to recover from the trip, I find I'm willing to go again should the opportunity present itself.  It did.

I'm off to Kenya mid-May and to Sao Tome & Principe late June.  There will be a few more Kenya and Djibouti trips this year, but the Sao Tome trip is the one I'm looking forward to the most.  It's not a business trip!

I've got more than a thousand photos to deliver there plus a suitcase full of stuff for various folks.

5/11 Update: countdown to Kenya... fly out Thursday (tomorrow), arrive Saturday morning.  Not fond of the flying part.  Usual turmoil prior to departure with a mountain of prep material accumulating that I won't get to beforehand.  Reading on the plane.  Passport, pills, shots, papers, international phone, cameras, chargers, plugs, contact lists, stuff for a friend's family ... I need a transporter ... beam me to Kenya, Scotty!