Tuesday, May 31, 2011

An African Grandmother

My friend Lucy.  When we met in the airport in Zurich last week, I thought perhaps she was a little disoriented, confused maybe.  

Thinking I'd be a gentleman and lend a hand, I offered to escort her to her gate.  She sweetly acknowledged the offer (but she didn't really need the help).  

She's a tough African grandmother with a lifetime of being strong, facing every circumstance, and trusting her heavenly Father through it all.  We had a couple of hours, breakfast together, and frank conversation about life and what's important.  Great lady, dear sister, and a walking testimony to the power of a loving God.

I spoke with her sister this morning who told me the rest of the story.  Lucy gave her life to feed and educate her children.  She never had a new dress, she cooked from scratch, she never had a day off as best I can tell.  

She journals.  You can imagine the magnificence of that story.  She prays, and quits whining.  She says of her heavenly Father, "He heard me; He'll handle it."

What a powerful life!