Sunday, July 31, 2011

I have a new sister!

I have a new sister!   :)

... connected by a chance encounter with a family member in an airport.  She has better answers than I to a lot of issues in Africa.  She grew up there.  You can see what she's doing HERE.

Her mom and dad were both orphans, she tells me, and she thinks that's the reason the world's orphans are so heavily on her mind.  She works with a program in Kenya which has it's share of Africa's burgeoning orphan population.

HIV/AIDS has orphaned 11,000,000 African children.  They're left to the streets in many cases.

My new sister is one of those who've given their lives to serving others.  It has cost her greatly, but she continues to give with real grace and strength.  Go to her site, donate a bit and tell her you love her.  She's family now.  You'll be blown away by her stories.

So for the rest of us who are perhaps a little short of that level of investment, what's a good path?

In Kenya, they tell us, "Our feeding program started with just one child who approached Dr. Mary Wandia and begged not for food but for education. However, it was obvious that first things had to be done first.

He was hungry, and wore dirty and torn clothes. After he was fed, and given new clothes to wear, this boy was put in a school where he is still continuing with his education and performing wonderfully well.
Today, he is a very happy boy looking into his future with confidence and hope. After him, four others came and today we have more than 150 children in our feeding program in Kenya."